The International Biometric Society — Nordic-Baltic Region


Until January 2011 the member countries of the Nordic Region were Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. On January 1st 2011 the Nordic Region and the Baltic Group joined into the Nordic-Baltic Region, with new member countries Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

The Nordic-Baltic Region is governed by the Articles of Incorporation, the Constitution, the By-Laws of the International Biometric Society and the By-Laws of the Nordic-Baltic region (updated in June 2015).

IBS Nordic-Baltic Regional Executive Committee (REC)

According to the regional by-laws, the REC will shift between the Nordic and Baltic countries in the following order: Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway/Iceland, and the Baltic countries as one group. Effective as of 1 January 2017, the REC has shifted from Estonia to Sweden and the following officers were elected for 2017-2021 in the ballot in 2016:

  • President: Ziad Taib (Ziad.Taib (ÄT), Statistical Science Director at Astrazeneca and Adjunct Professor at Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg, Sweden
  • Secretary: Marita Olsson (Marita.Olsson (ÄT), Principal Statistician at Astrazeneca, Gothenburg, Sweden
  • Treasurer: Alexandra Jauhiainen (Alexandra.Jauhiainen (ÄT), Principal Statistician at Astrazeneca, Gothenburg, Sweden

IBS Nordic-Baltic Regional Council (RC)

The RC consists of the REC together with the national representatives:

  • Denmark: Andreas Kryger Jensen
  • Iceland: Sigrún Helga Lund
  • Estonia: Krista Fischer
  • Latvia: Una Kojalo
  • Lithuania: Audrone Jakaitiene
  • Norway: Magne Thoresen
  • Sweden: Dietrich von Rosen
  • Finland: Esa Läärä
Magne Thoresen and Dietrich von Rosen are also the Nordic-Baltic representatives of the Representative Council of IBS.

Nordic-Baltic members of the IBS Committees

IBS Executive Board:
Krista Fischer 2015-2018

Awards Fund Committee:
No NBR members currently

Committee on Communications:
No NBR members currently

Conference Advisory Committee:
Ziad Taib 2016-2019

Editorial Advisory Committee:
Esa Läärä (chair) 2014-2017

Education Committee:
Jaakko Nevalainen 2016-2019
Krista Fischer (ex-officio, executive board Liaison)

Budget and Finance Committee:
No NBR members currently

Regional Bulletin

The Nordic-Baltic Region has its own Bulletin. You will find the most recent numbers here: