The Regional Executive Committee (REC) is elected for a period of 2 years which is automatically prolonged for 2 years unless at least 2 members of the Regional Council propose otherwise. The Regional Executive Committee shall alternate between the Nordic and Baltic countries in the following order; Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway/Iceland and the Baltic countries. Niels Keiding has compiled a list of The Regional Executive Committees 1970–1995.

The most recent Presidents have been:

2017–... Ziad Taib, Sweden

2013–2016 Krista Fischer, Estonia

2009–2012 Geir Egil Eide, Norway

2005–2008 Esa Läärä, Finland

2001–2004 Mikael Væth, Denmark

1997–2000 Sture Holm, Sweden

1994–1996 Odd Aalen, Norway


Every second year the Region shall organize a Regional Biometric Conference. The REC appoints a local organizing committee (LOC) and a scientific program committee (SPC) for this conference which shall alternate between the Nordic and Baltic countries in the following order; Finland, Sweden, Norway/Iceland, Denmark, and the Baltic countries group.

  • 2019 7th NBBC, Vilnius, Lithuania
  • 2017 6th NBBC, Copenhagen, Denmark
  • 2015 5th NBBC, Reykjavik, Iceland
  • 2013 4th NBBC, Stockholm, Sweden
  • 2011 3rd NBBC, Turku, Finland
  • 2009 2nd NBBC, Tartu, Estonia
  • 2007 1st NBBC, Foulum, Denmark
  • 2005 Oslo, Norway
  • 2003 Sweden
  • 2001 Savolinna, Finland
  • 1999 Denmark
  • 1997 Ås, Norway
  • 1995 Sweden


A meeting of the Regional Council is arranged at every regular regional conference as stated by the by-laws. Minutes of the last meetings can be found here:

Regional Council meeting at 7th NBBC in 2019, Vilnius, Lithuania

Regional Council meeting at 6th NBBC in 2017, Copenhagen, Denmark

Regional Council meeting at 5th NBBC in 2015, Reykjavik, Iceland

Regional Council meeting at 3rd NBBC in 2011, Turku, Finland